Stickman Climber

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Stickman Climber is an amazing stickman game! The rules are very simple. just press the “Up” button to jump from side to side, and press “Turn” button to flip and avoid the bomb. Can you get a high score?

What are the controls of the Stickman fighting?

Arrow keys: Move the stickman character left, right, up, and down.

A, S, D, W or Q, E, R, F, Z, X, C, V: These keys are often used for attacking and performing various moves, such as punches, kicks, and special abilities

Spacebar: Jump or perform a specific action, depending on the game.

Shift or Ctrl:Often used for blocking or crouching.

Enter or Return:Pause the game or access the in-game menu.

Esc: Exit the game or return to the previous menu.