Draw and Save Stickman

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Draw and Save Stickman: Art of Stickman Salvation


Hey there, gaming Picassos and doodle enthusiasts! Prepare to dive into the whimsical world of “Draw and Save Stickman,” where your artistic flair is the only thing between a stick figure and its comically perilous fate. It’s time to sharpen your pencils, or rather, your digital styluses, for a drawing adventure that’s as hilarious as it is heroic.

Description of Draw and Save Stickman:

Draw and Save Stickman” isn’t your run-of-the-mill drawing game. Here, you become the unsung hero of the stick figure world. Each level presents a new challenge where your quick thinking and quicker drawing skills are the key to saving your stickman from hilariously tragic ends. From dodging giant rubber ducks to escaping stick-eating sharks, the fate of these slender heroes rests in your scribbles.


Imagine a stick figure in peril, and you, armed with nothing but a digital pen and a wacky imagination, are its only hope. The gameplay of “Draw and Save Stickman” revolves around solving puzzles by drawing. You might need to scribble a bridge to safety, sketch a weapon to fend off foes, or even doodle a hat because… well, hats are cool. Each level increases in complexity, challenging you to think and draw outside the box.

Game Modes

Puzzle Mode: Tackle brain-teasing levels where each stroke can mean the difference between a stickman’s survival and its amusing demise.

Time Trial: Race against the clock, drawing solutions before time runs out and stickman meets its goofy doom.

Creative Challenges: Engage in special themed challenges where your creativity is tested to its limits, with unique scenarios and obstacles.

How to Play Draw and Save Stickman:

Stepping into the shoes, or rather, the stick figure of a savior, requires some know-how. Here’s a quick guide:

  • Drawing Mechanics: Use your mouse or finger to draw solutions directly onto the game screen. Your drawings become physical objects in the stickman’s world.
  • Eraser Tool: Made a mistake? No problem! The eraser tool lets you undo your doodles gone wrong.
  • Zoom and Adjust: Some puzzles require a closer look. Use

the zoom function to get a better view of the challenge and adjust your drawings accordingly.

  • Physics Matters: Remember, your drawings adhere to the game’s physics. That bridge you draw? It needs to be sturdy enough to support stickman’s weight.

Tips and Tricks:

Think Simple: Sometimes the simplest solution is the best one. Don’t overcomplicate your drawings. A straight line can be a bridge, a ramp, or a weapon!

Experiment with Shapes: Different challenges require different shapes. Triangles for support structures, circles for rolling objects – get creative with your geometry!

Trial and Error is Your Friend: Not every drawing will be perfect on the first try. Don’t be afraid to experiment and learn from your hilarious mistakes.

Use the Environment: Many levels have environmental elements you can use to your advantage. Can that tree be part of your solution? Absolutely!

Keep an Eye on Stickman: Sometimes, the key to solving a puzzle is understanding how stickman interacts with your drawings. Watch its movements and plan accordingly.