Vex 8

5/5 - (1 vote)


5/5 - (1 vote)

VEX 8: The Unforgiving World of Stick Figure Parkour!


Hello, gamers and stick figure enthusiasts! Are you ready to dive into a world where your reflexes are tested to the max, and your patience is pushed to its limits? Welcome to VEX 8, the latest installment in the much-loved, often-cursed VEX series. It’s like the Dark Souls of stick figure games, only with less armor and more spikes. A lot more spikes.

Description of VEX 8:

VEX 8 is the latest iteration in the VEX franchise, where you control a nimble stick figure navigating through levels filled with deadly traps, precarious platforms, and the occasional existential crisis. It’s a 2D browser-based platformer that’s simple in concept but notorious for its challenging gameplay. Imagine parkour, but if the floors and walls were plotting your untimely demise.


The gameplay of VEX 8 is like trying to thread a needle while riding a roller coaster. You jump, slide, swim, and occasionally cry your way through various stages, each more treacherous than the last. The game is renowned for its precision platforming, requiring you to have the reflexes of a caffeinated cat. Each level, known as an “act,” ramps up in difficulty, testing both your skill and your willingness to hurl your keyboard across the room.

Game Modes

VEX 8 comes with a smorgasbord of modes to keep you entertained (and frustrated). There’s the classic mode, where you play through the main stages; the challenge mode, which is like classic mode but with someone occasionally poking you in the eye; and finally, the stage builder. Yes, you too can create diabolical levels to challenge your friends or random strangers on the internet. It’s like being a game developer, but without the need for coding skills or a budget!

How to Play VEX 8:

Controls in VEX 8 are deceptively simple. You use the arrow keys or WASD to move your stick figure. Up or W to jump, down or S to crouch, and that’s about it. The simplicity of controls is a cunning ruse, though, as mastering them is akin to learning to play a piano while juggling flaming torches. Timing and precision are key – one wrong move and your stick figure might end up as a kabob on one of the many, many spikes.

Tips and Tricks:

Patience is a Virtue: Rushing leads to impaling. Take your time to understand the patterns.

Memorize, Memorize, Memorize: Each level is a puzzle. Remember where each trap and obstacle is.

The Floor is (Literally) Lava: Always assume the floor will betray you. Because it will.

Practice Makes Perfect: Or at least makes you less terrible. Replay levels to sharpen your skills.

Use Stage Builder: Building your levels can actually help you understand the game mechanics better.

Breathing Exercises: Seriously, keep calm. Your keyboard and monitor will thank you.