Stickman vs Zombies

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Stickman vs Zombies: An Undead Adventure


Hey there, gamers! Are you ready to dive into a world where stick figures and zombies collide in the most entertaining way possible? Welcome to “Stickman vs Zombies,” a game that proves once and for all that you don’t need fancy graphics to have a blast (or to blast some zombie heads). Let’s get into the nitty-gritty of this comically apocalyptic adventure!

Description of Stickman vs Zombies:

Stickman vs Zombies” is the kind of game that gets you hooked from the get-go. Imagine this: a world overrun by zombies, and your only hope is a stick figure armed to the teeth (do stick figures have teeth? Let’s say yes). It’s a side-scrolling, action-packed game that combines humor, strategy, and relentless zombie-slaying. The art is simple yet charming, and the gameplay? Well, that’s where the real fun begins!


The core of “Stickman vs Zombies” is as straightforward as its name. Your stickman hero moves through various levels, each crawling with a variety of zombies. You’ve got slow zombies, fast zombies, and even big boss zombies because why not? The objective is clear: survive and kill zombies. Sounds easy? Well, think again! As you progress, the swarms get tougher, and you’ll need to up your game to keep up.

Game Modes

Survival Mode: Here, it’s all about lasting as long as you can while the game throws an endless wave of zombie madness at you.

Campaign Mode: Travel through levels with increasing difficulty, each packed with new challenges and brain-hungry zombies.

Time Attack Mode: Race against the clock to see how fast you can clear the zombies from a level.

How to Play Stickman vs Zombies:

Playing “Stickman vs Zombies” is a breeze, control-wise:

  • Move: Use the arrow keys or WASD keys to move your stickman hero around.
  • Shoot: Click your mouse or press a designated keyboard key to shoot your weapon.
  • Switch Weapons: Certain keys allow you to switch between weapons you’ve picked up.

Tips and Tricks:

Conserve Ammo: Like in any good zombie game, don’t waste your ammo! Line up those shots and make each bullet count.

Upgrade Wisely: You’ll earn upgrades as you play. Choose wisely based on your play style – do you prefer rapid-fire weapons or heavy-hitters?

Keep Moving: Zombies have a harder time hitting a moving target. Stay on those toes (or stick feet?).

Learn Enemy Patterns: Each zombie type has a pattern. Learn it to anticipate their moves and take them down efficiently.

Use Your Environment: Barrels and other environmental elements can be used to your advantage. Explosion, anyone?

Prioritize Threats: Some zombies pose more danger than others. Take out the biggest threats first.