Stickman Hook 2

4.1/5 - (39 votes)


4.1/5 - (39 votes)

You liked the first game? Meet the new Stickman Hook 2!


Welcome, fellow gamers, to the sequel that’s swinging its way into our hearts—Stickman Hook 2! If you thought the first game was a blast, get ready for an even wilder ride with new game! This sequel takes everything you loved about the original and cranks it up to eleven, delivering laughs, thrills, and swinging action like never before!

Description of Stickman Hook 2:

Stickman Hook 2 is the wacky, physics-based game that puts you in control of everyone’s favorite elastic hero. Our boy is back, and this time, he’s swinging through even more outrageous levels filled with obstacles, challenges, and, of course, lots of laughter. The game’s vibrant and cartoonish graphics add a touch of humor to the adventure, making it a visual treat for players of all ages.


The core of Stickman Hook 2 revolves around the simple yet addictive gameplay of swinging from platform to platform. Using a unique one-tap control system, you’ll send your elastic swinger soaring through the air with a well-timed release. The key is to master the physics of the game, finding the perfect angle and momentum to gracefully swing through each level.

Game Modes

Stickman Hook 2 doesn’t just offer one way to swing; it provides a variety of game modes to keep you entertained. From the classic endless mode, where your goal is to swing as far as possible, to challenging timed levels that will test your precision, there’s always something new to try. Get ready to swing, bounce, and flip your way through a variety of environments, each more exciting than the last.

How to Play Stickman Hook 2: 

Getting the hang of Stickman Hook 2 is as easy as pie, and soon you’ll be swinging like a pro. Tap and hold to initiate the swing, release at the right moment to let go, and tap again to perform flips for extra style points. It’s all about timing and finesse, so don’t be afraid to experiment with different approaches to find your perfect swing.

Tips and Tricks:

Master the Swing: Practice makes perfect. Spend some time getting the feel for the swinging mechanic, and you’ll be pulling off impressive moves in no time.

Aim for Precision: While speed is essential, precision is key. Aim for the perfect landing spot to maintain your momentum and avoid crashing into obstacles.

Utilize Power-ups: New part of the game introduces exciting power-ups that can give you an edge. From speed boosts to gravity-defying abilities, use these power-ups strategically to conquer challenging levels.

Explore Different Environments: Each level brings a new set of challenges and environments. Embrace the variety and adapt your swinging techniques accordingly.

Challenge Friends: Game becomes even more enjoyable when you challenge your friends. Compete for the highest scores and bragging rights, adding a friendly competitive element to the game.