Human Vehicle

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Human Vehicle: Joyride of Absurd Adventures!


Greetings, gamers and aficionados of the absurd! Buckle up for a journey like no other with “Human Vehicle,” the game that takes vehicular mayhem to new heights – quite literally. Get ready for a laughter-filled joyride where the vehicles aren’t made of metal and rubber but are, in fact, humans with a penchant for whimsical escapades.

Description of Human Vehicle:

Human Vehicle redefines the racing genre by tossing out the traditional cars and bikes, replacing them with human-powered vehicles that defy the laws of physics. Picture a race where your vehicle is a team of humans in ludicrous costumes, hilariously coordinated to propel themselves forward. It’s a riotous race where speed, agility, and teamwork are as crucial as your sense of humor.


The gameplay of Human Vehicle is a slapstick spectacle of coordination and chaos. Race through unconventional tracks filled with obstacles, ramps, and comedic challenges that will leave you in stitches. Your team of human vehicles can run, roll, and perform bizarre stunts as they navigate the course. It’s not just about reaching the finish line; it’s about doing so in the most entertaining and amusing way possible.

Game Modes

Sprint to Chuckles: Engage in a sprint race where your team must dash to the finish line, overcoming absurd obstacles and outrunning opponents.

Rolling Relay: Take part in a relay race where the human vehicle must roll, tumble, and pass the baton – or, in this case, the laughter – to the next team member.

Obstacle Odyssey: Navigate through a course filled with wacky obstacles, ramps, and challenges. The goal is not just to finish but to do so with style and hilarity.

How to Play Human Vehicle:

Mastering the art of Human Vehicle requires a blend of speed, coordination, and a good dose of humor. Here’s your guide to a comedic joyride:

  • Team Coordination: Coordinate with your team members to optimize your heroes movements. A well-coordinated team can overcome obstacles with comedic precision.
  • Running and Rolling: Use arrow keys or swipe gestures to control your human vehicle’s movements. Running, rolling, and performing stunts will be the keys to victory.
  • Jumping Jollity: Tap the screen or hit the spacebar to make your human vehicle jump. Timing is crucial to avoid obstacles and perform aerial antics.
  • Special Stunts: Experiment with special stunts unique to each human vehicle. These can include somersaults, spins, and other hilarious maneuvers to gain an edge.

Tips and Tricks:

Practice Team Coordination: Spend time practicing with your team to perfect the coordination needed for navigating the tracks. Communication is key to avoiding comedic collisions.

Study Each Course: Familiarize yourself with each track’s quirks and challenges. Knowing when to run, roll, or perform stunts will give your team the upper hand.

Embrace the Absurdity: Human Vehicle is all about embracing the absurdity. Don’t be afraid to take risks, perform silly stunts, and revel in the comedic chaos.

Customize for Chuckles: Personalize your human vehicles with amusing costumes and accessories. A well-dressed team not only races well but also adds an extra layer of comedy.

Balance Speed and Laughter: While speed is crucial, don’t forget to prioritize laughter. Sometimes, a well-timed stunt or a coordinated tumble can be more effective than pure speed.