Vex 7

4.5/5 - (4 votes)


4.5/5 - (4 votes)

Vex 7: The Aggravating World of Stickman Adventures


Hey there, gamers and stick-figure enthusiasts! Prepare to meet your match with Vex 7, the game that’s part platformer, part hair-pulling labyrinth, and 100% addictive. If you thought navigating your daily life was tricky, wait till you get a load of what new game has in store.

Description of Vex 7:

Vex 7 is the new installment in the long line of Vex series games, where you, a sprightly stick figure, must navigate through increasingly complex levels. Think of it as the digital equivalent of trying to thread a needle while riding a rollercoaster. Developed by Amazing Adam, this game doesn’t just test your dexterity; it’s a full-blown assault on your problem-solving skills and patience.


The gameplay of Vex 7 is like a dance, a very frustrating, yet oddly satisfying dance. You’ll run, jump, slide, and occasionally scream at your screen as you traverse through levels filled with deadly obstacles. From spikes that seem to have a personal vendetta against you to platforms that vanish faster than your resolve, it’s a buffet of challenges.

Game Modes

Vex 7 offers several modes to keep things fresh (and to keep you from throwing your device out the window).

Normal Mode: The classic Vex experience. Good luck.

Hard Mode: For those who found normal mode too ‘relaxing’.

Endless Mode: Just keep running, just keep running…

Stage Builder: Unleash your inner evil architect and create levels to torment others.

How to Play Vex 7:

The controls are deceptively simple:

Arrow Keys/WASD: Movement

Spacebar: Jump (also to restart after you’ve inevitably met your demise)

M: Mute the music when it starts mocking your failures

Remember, it’s not the controls that are hard; it’s everything else.

Tips and Tricks:

Patience is Key: Rushing leads to an untimely stickman demise.

Memorize Patterns: These levels have more patterns than your grandma’s knitting club.

Utilize Momentum: Physics is your frenemy here.

Breaks are Important: Step away, breathe, and remind yourself it’s just a game (or so they say).

Practice Makes Perfect: You will fail. A lot. But each failure is a step towards victory!