Stickman Archer

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Stickman decides to test his own skills and pass the tests, consisting in marksmanship, allowing you to hit targets, which are ordinary signs or people armed with a military arsenal. Score as many points as possible for successfully removing targets under different conditions.

What are the controls of the Stickman fighting?

Arrow keys: Move the stickman character left, right, up, and down.

A, S, D, W or Q, E, R, F, Z, X, C, V: These keys are often used for attacking and performing various moves, such as punches, kicks, and special abilities

Spacebar: Jump or perform a specific action, depending on the game.

Shift or Ctrl:Often used for blocking or crouching.

Enter or Return:Pause the game or access the in-game menu.

Esc: Exit the game or return to the previous menu.